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The main role of food additives

Main role

Food additives have greatly promoted the development of the food industry, and have been praised as the soul of the modern food industry. This is mainly because it brings many benefits to the food industry. Its main functions are as follows:

Prevent metamorphism

For example, preservatives can prevent food spoilage caused by microorganisms, prolong the storage period of food, and also prevent food poisoning caused by microbial contamination. For example, antioxidants can prevent or postpone oxidation deterioration of food, provide food stability and storage resistance, and also prevent the formation of potentially harmful oils and oils. In addition, it can also be used to prevent the enzymatic browning and non enzymatic browning of food, especially fruits and vegetables. These are of certain significance to the preservation of food.

Improve the senses

Improvement of sensory properties of food

Appropriate use of colorants, color protecting agents, bleaching agents, food flavors, emulsifiers, thickeners and other food additives can significantly improve the sensory quality of food and meet people's different needs.

Keep nutrition

Keep improving the value of nutrition

Properly adding some food nutrition fortifier that belongs to natural nutrition range can greatly improve the nutritional value of food in food processing, which is significant for preventing malnutrition and nutritional deficiency, promoting nutrition balance and improving people's health level.

Convenient supply

Increase the variety and convenience

The market has been up to more than 20000 kinds of food available to consumers, although the production of these foods are mostly processed by certain packaging and different processing methods, but in the production process, some color aroma and taste of products, most of the varying degrees of added color, aroma, flavor and other food additives. It is these many food, especially the supply of convenience food, which brings great convenience to people's life and work.

Convenient processing

Convenience food processing

The use of defoaming agent, filter aid agent, stabilizer and coagulator etc. in food processing, food processing operations can be beneficial. For example, when using the gluconic acid delta lactone as coagulant of tofu, tofu can be beneficial to the mechanization and automation of production.


Other special needs

Food should be as much as possible to meet people's different needs. For example, diabetic patients can't eat sweets, but they can be supplied with sugar free food with no nutrition sweeteners or low heat sweeteners, such as three sucralose or asparagine phenylalanine methyl ester.

There are also enterprises that make the standard of additives, and in the industry leading enterprises are not allowed to add preservatives, sodium cyclamate, pigments, and spices.


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